Japanese Food

& Drink

The ubiquitous bento - when travelling on the shinkansen, grab one of these from a station stall just before boarding your train, then eat all the way to your destination! If you finish it too soon there'll always be an attendant along selling them on the train. And with all the different regional specialities to try you can turn this into a major study!

For general information start with the Tokyo Food Page.

For detailed information about Japanese vegetables look at the  NamaYasai LLP website, which gives well-illustrated descriptions of the different vegetables used in Japanese cuisine, together with their nutritional values and suggestions for cooking.

When you've done reading about food, and are starting to feel hungry, look for the Japanese Restaurants in the South East UK featured on the Resources page Alternatively, buy ingredients  and DIY.   There's an online store for many ingredients at Mount Fuji International - Online Japanese Shopping and you can get the fresh vegetables needed from NamaYasai LLP

If you're new to Japanese home cooking, or you've never tried it because you thought it was too elaborate, then the best place to look is Momotaro Foods, a new online supplier featuring lots of very simple mouth-watering recipes.  When you've found a recipe you like, the same page lists all the ingredients you'll need - just click to put them into your shopping basket.

And to go with Japanese food you must have JAPANESE GREEN TEA  - this online supplier gives you detailed information about the different types and how best to enjoy them.

For your aperitif try sake (rice wine).  At last we have a major supplier of sake in the UK - look at the isake website to find out how it's made, how to appreciate it and how to order top-quality brands.

And while they're not edible, you must look at the wonderful Sushi Clocks Page!

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