NihongoJapanese Language

In this area we hope to add pages on aspects of the Japanese language. All contributions gratefully received! You will find some books on the topic in the Bibliography and we hope to include some useful references to language learning software.  But for a quick and easy taster, you can get up to 150 words translated automatically at the Systran website.

You could also improve links with Japan by acting as a host for a Japanese student - contact HOST


Useful Links

Jim Breen's Japanese Page contains all sorts of useful links

Genki: an Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese is a good starting point

Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo also contains a Japanese course via its English pages, and another is found on Yabuu

Ken Butler's Cyber Tutorials

BBC Languages


The Language Centre at the Japan Foundation, London

And when you're struggling with your Japanese studies and you want some (linguistic) light relief have a look at to see what the Japanese can do with our language!

Some of the above sites introduce the writing system.  You can start gently via the Interactive Hiragana Chart.  And as a start to learning Kanji characters, look at those for the seasons on Kuri's pages. and progress to the Joyo 96 web site.  There is also an innovative site for kana and kanji on Gahoh, where movies are used to show how the characters are drawn.  Then to get in some practice look at this site where you find photos of Japanese signs. You'll find some good reviews of Japanese Dictionaries on Charles Eicher's pages.

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